Developing technologies to enable next-generation weapon systems

Dynetics has been a trusted partner to Department of Defense (DoD) agencies and contractors in undertaking many of the most challenging scientific and engineering problems. This experience has established Dynetics as a leader in weapons systems research and development (R&D).

Warhead and Fuzing Design, Analysis, and Testing


With more than 25 years of experience in the research, development, and evaluation of warhead designs, Dynetics understands every aspect of warhead development from concept exploration through production. We have experience in the warhead design and assessment of tactical missiles and lethal mechanisms to include the following:

  • Shaped charges
  • Explosively formed penetrators (EFPs)
  • Blast fragmentation
  • Low-collateral damage
  • Multipurpose munitions


Dynetics performs numerical analysis of lethal mechanisms using hydrocodes such as CTH and LS-DYNA. We perform lethality assessments using in-house tools such as WOLVES, SCRAMBLE, and Engage_Threat as well as standard JCTG-ME models, AJEM and MUVES, to assess effectiveness against targets of interest.


Dynetics has experience with many of the leading test facilities in the nation supplying test support and planning; defining test data requirements, test procedures, test data reduction and analysis, and instrumentation requirements; and providing test oversight for multiple warhead programs.

Fuzes and Electronic Safe and Arm Devices (ESADs)

For over 15 years, Dynetics has been supporting R&D programs for tactical missile fuzing systems. We have the technical expertise to design, analyze, test, and qualify fuzes and fuzing systems to meet customer requirements. Dynetics provides fuze design support from concept exploration and arming requirements definition through development and production.

We have experience designing architectures for MIL-STD 1316 E compliance and multiservice fuze board acceptances, understanding safety, reliability, and performance requirements.

Avionics, Power, and Test Solutions

​With more than 25 years of experience in the design, fabrication, and support of avionics systems, Dynetics provides end-to-end telemetry solutions for our customers. This includes design and fabrication of custom telemetry instrumentation; installation of instrumentation in a variety of high-performance missiles, aircraft, and other systems; field test support and data collection; and post-test data analysis.

Dynetics designs, delivers, and sustains airborne avionics solutions for rugged DoD applications. Our robust telemetry, time space position information (TSPI), controllers, and encryption systems provide our customers with proven reliable data and system controls.

Test and Training Solutions

Dynetics has a rich history as an airborne test and evaluation company. For over 40 years, Dynetics has provided quality hardware and software solutions to support the DoD test and training community. Over the last decade, Dynetics has become a leader in providing high-fidelity time-space position information (TSPI) solutions, high-quality ground support equipment, and custom test equipment to support all types of open air ranges on platforms ranging from the latest generation of fighter jets to sophisticated ground combat weapon systems and advanced radars. We develop engineering instrumentation, data acquisition systems, radars, and data processing tools, as well as perform post-processing of data on the range. Some of our combat test and training solutions include the following:

  • Advanced data acquisition systems for rugged environments
  • Specialized ground support equipment aircraft, rotorcraft, and unmanned systems
  • Secure radio frequency (RF) data link transmitters and receivers
  • Electronic warfare systems and simulators
  • Directed energy evaluation systems
  • Electro-optics/infrared (EO/IR) evaluation systems
  • High-fidelity targets
  • Specialized launchers and other support equipment for missile and unmanned systems testing
  • Modeling and simulation

Delivering the latest technology to provide an advantage to the warfighter

To best equip the warfighter, our armed forces need test ranges that offer multiplayer, high-density threat environments that provide the most realistic combat environment. Unfortunately, many of today's test and training ranges are not prepared to effectively evaluate the latest generation of aircraft, hypersonic weapons, or autonomous vehicles.

Dynetics test and training solutions enable ranges to test fifth- and sixth-generation fighter aircraft, directed energy weapons, and advanced hypersonic technologies. We deliver range radars, advanced TSPI solutions, electronic warfare, and EO/IR simulators; upgrade range networking infrastructure; and provide advanced missile data links and other technologies to support secure communications. The solutions ensure our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines always hold the advantage.

Electronics Manufacturing

Our customers often need tailored electronic solutions in a short timeframe. We work with our customers to jointly create solutions customized to meet their requirements and budget, whether they have well-defined requirements or need our experts to guide them to the right solution.

Dynetics provides comprehensive design, development, and fabrication services, from initial prototyping through low-volume production, with the agility to adapt to changing customer requirements throughout the life cycle. We specialize in rapid design and product development: our design-phase and first-article production of complex products is measured in weeks or months rather than years.

Dynetics creates electronic devices and systems utilizing a broad range of technologies, including analog, digital, RF, and specialized EO. We are also experts in the operation of military systems, including missile and radar systems, so we understand how to test and analyze system performance.

Electronic Design, Analysis, and Fabrication Applications

Dynetics' broad range of applications includes the following:

  • Miniaturization of electronics
  • Miniature/modular instrumentation for rugged applications
  • Missile instrumentation
  • Special-purpose test equipment
  • Instrumentation and telemetry
  • Laser designators/laser warning receivers
  • Custom calibration equipment
  • Low-phase noise exciters
  • RF/radar target generators
  • Waveform synthesis
  • Prototypes
  • Wideband receivers
  • Hardware-in-the-loop (HWIL) simulators
  • Radiometry

Specialty Machined Parts Manufacturing

Our in-house machining center offers a robust combination of highly skilled personnel, state-of-the-art machinery, and high-end software, capable of rapidly developing hardware for R&D prototyping. Capabilities also include precision machining and fabrication, as well as limited production.

We provide services for aerospace, defense, automotive, medical, and other industries using ISO-compliant management information systems to track, in real time, all aspects of a project. Our facilities are fully capable of operating in a DoD classified environment.

For more information about our low-volume manufacturing, visit Dynetics Technical Solutions.


Combat Environment Instrumentation System (CEIS)

The Combat Environment Instrumentation System (CEIS) contract was awarded by Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division (NAWCD) in 2017. Dynetics provides threat system research, development, sustainment and upgrades; range instrumentation for GPS-based instrumentation; Electronic Attach/Active Emitter (EA/AE) pods; Warning/Countermeasure Systems; RF & Electro-Optical (EO) tracking systems; multi-spectral threat/target systems; and Unmanned Airborne Vehicle (UAV) instrumentation support.

Prime Power Generation

Our ground vehicle prime power source provides an uninterrupted supply of reliable power for extended periods of time. This compact, modular system with mild hybrid capability ensures failsafe performance—vehicles remain mobile even if the attachment fails.

Dynetics Modular Instrumentation System (MIS)

Our MIS systems offer a compact, comprehensive suite of solutions for the testing and evaluation of weapons systems. Flight proven in numerous missile environments, our highly configurable, compact design can often be installed without removing the warhead. The MIS offers a comprehensive array of interchangeable and expandable modules that can be configured to meet customers' unique requirements. Dynetics also offers off-the-shelf solutions for encryption, flight data recorders, controllers, TSPI, and ground support equipment.

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