Two new vice presidents and a director named

Wednesday June 05, 2019

Dynetics CEO Dave King has named three promotions within the company. 

Kay Gray is now the vice president of human resources and Mary Beth Jackson is the enterprise controller vice president. 

"Kay and Mary Beth's leadership have helped the company to amass record growth within our human resources and accounting divisions. Our industry continues to thrive and having their expertise and knowledge on our team is pivotal to our success. They have steered us onto a path that will enhance our position as we compete on larger contracts," King said.

Notable accomplishments by both of these leaders include adding more than 600 employee-owners in less than three years and effectively implementing the shared services concept, which helps the company to share common functions across subsidiaries within the enterprise.

King also named Kristina Hendrix as the director of corporate communications. 

"Kristina has transformed how we communicate to our employees and the public. The Dynetics image and brand is becoming more widely recognized through her leadership," King mentioned. 

Jackson has been with the company since 2009, while Gray joined Dynetics in 2013 and Hendrix joined in 2016. 

To read a more detailed version of Gray and Jackson's biographies, along with the Dynetics senior leadership, visit

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