Three leaders promoted to EVP and SVP

Thursday January 17, 2019

Dynetics CEO Dave King has named Steve Cook and Mike Moody as executive vice presidents and Ronnie Chronister as a senior vice president of the company. 

"Steve and Mike have been a large part of leading our company's restructuring and growth, both in size and capability. Their roles have continued to expand and their promotions align their titles with their levels of responsibility. Steve leads our Corporate Development organization, which has expanded to provide a wider range of strategic and growth development services to the company. Steve also serves as president of our Dynetics Technical Solutions subsidiary, which performs large-scale mechanical fabrication. Mike manages our Business Operations activity. His rich experience as a long-time technical manager at Dynetics affords him a unique perspective for tailoring our business execution practices to keep our engineering organizations flourishing," said King. 

The 45-year old company has seen the federal and commercial landscapes shift as well. Chronister, who leads the contracts organization, has worked to keep the company well-prepared to address the challenges of larger, development-oriented business endeavors. 

"Our portfolio of contracts has become considerably more complex in all aspects.  Ronnie has led our Contracts personnel to become more proactively engaged with our technical staff to work more efficiently as a team.  And his years of experience working with numerous government and industry leaders have proven most valuable in developing and maintaining key relationships," King added.

Cook has been with Dynetics for a decade, while Moody's tenure has been more than 30 years. Chronister joined in 2014.  

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