Dynetics wins MEGASTAR - a GSA intelligence award

Wednesday September 18, 2019

Dynetics has been awarded a General Services Administration (GSA) Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) to provide scientific and technical intelligence support services to the U.S. Air Force's National Air and Space Intelligence Center (NASIC). The multi-award agreement has a $997 million ceiling and a ten year - five base years with five optional years - period of performance.

NASIC's MEGASTAR program supports Wright-Patterson Air Force Base focusing on scientific and technical intelligence products such as electronic warfare, modeling and simulation, counterspace, cyberspace and radar and signal analysis.

The contractor team includes Leidos of Reston, Va., Altamira of McLean, Va., and SRC, Inc. of North Syracuse, N.Y. Each company's experience with prior contracts positioned them for a successful award.

"Dynetics has supported Wright-Patterson locally since 1992. Our teammates have provided valuable support to NASIC on heritage contracts such as FAST IV, HAVE STAR VII and SESS III. Each of these and other contracts have combined to create MEGASTAR and our team is poised to continue our excellent support to NASIC's mission for years to come. Dayton houses one of the largest, most diverse and organizationally complex Air Force installations in the world and this win positions our Dayton operation in an excellent position to support it," said Mike Durboraw, Dynetics vice president of intelligence and spectrum warfare.

Dynetics will perform the work at their Dayton, Ohio office beginning in October of this year. 

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