Dynetics Selects NeoNova as Exclusive Cybersecurity Partner

Thursday January 31, 2019

One of the world's top cybersecurity firms reaffirms commitment to rural service providers

NeoNova, a subsidiary of NRTC and leader in network technologies and help desk services for rural telcos and service providers, and Dynetics, a cybersecurity innovator, announced today an addition to their existing partnership where Dynetics will make NeoNova the exclusive reseller of Dynetics services to the rural service provider industry.

Under terms of the agreement, NeoNova is now the exclusive partner for the comprehensive suite of cyber risk management services through Dynetics including enhanced cyber threat detection and protection techniques. Dynetics' cyber risk management services complement the extensive network services NeoNova already provides, including the NovaSecure Cybersecurity Suite, network device management, 24x7x365 Network Operation Center (NOC) monitoring, modem management, DDoS mitigation, IP address management, CALEA compliance and advanced engineering support. With the addition of Dynetics' services, NeoNova now brings best-in-class cyber risk assessments, real-time cyber threat detection, adversarial simulations, and training.

"With a greater commitment to joint success, NeoNova and Dynetics continue to invest in robust, affordable and comprehensive cyber risk management services to serve rural America," said Robert Dowling, cyber risk practice lead at Dynetics. "This exclusive partnership ensures a level of service and dedication to cybersecurity that is simply unmatched in the telecommunications industry."

For 45 years, the Alabama-based Dynetics has provided engineering expertise to support national security missions and information technology services to the defense, intelligence, health care, financial, automotive, education, telecommunications, utilities, and other critical infrastructure sectors. Dynetics' offensive security techniques are uniquely qualified to identify and mitigate weaknesses before they are exploited by hackers.

"Our relationship with Dynetics has flourished over the past several months under a common goal to better identify cyber threats and develop solutions to protect our customers and the nation's connectivity infrastructure," said NeoNova CEO Jason McGinnis. "Every current and future NeoNova customer and NRTC member now has the opportunity to build and improve their cybersecurity posture through proven services, tools, and certifications."

NeoNova and Dynetics first announced a joint effort to boost cybersecurity for the rural service provider industry in October 2018 to help providers assess, optimize and test their cybersecurity to minimize network intrusions and ensure attacks are identified and eradicated before significant damage occurs. For continuing measures, providers also can take advantage of the Cyber Resilience Certification, ensuring effective cybersecurity is maintained and potentially lowering insurance costs, and cyber risk awareness training for employees, customers and communities.

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