Dynetics adds advanced manufacturing facility to Huntsville campus

Wednesday May 22, 2019

The Gilbert Advanced Manufacturing Facility is named for co-founder Dr. Steve Gilbert.

Dynetics is adding their sixth building on their Huntsville campus, the Dr. Stephen M. Gilbert Advanced Manufacturing Facility. Government and industry customers can now can complete final assembly and test for a wide variety of Dynetics products from small system components to full weapon systems. The new facility adds 78,000 square feet for large advanced manufacturing and assembly with more than 200 employees. It will now increase the current production volume and offer classified manufacturing. 

"I am incredibly proud of our team for having the foresight to create a facility that will be unique and adaptable to our customers' needs. For years, we have wanted to fill a manufacturing niche where we can provide a smaller quantity of products while getting them into market in an efficient manner. Once we knew that we could provide a different level of service, we seized the opportunity. Our customers have been seeking this capability and Dynetics is glad to offer it," said David King, Dynetics chief executive officer.

The new facility will offer five major production areas:

·     GroundAware® is a family of reconfigurable, short and long-range surveillance sensors for real-time situational awareness of critical infrastructure. 

·      The automotive configuration and test equipment area will be where vehicle testers are developed and shipped to plant floors for configuration and testing of the electronics various vehicle models as they progress down the assembly lines.

·     The electronics manufacturing capabilities allow fora suite of avionics products and printed circuit boards to be built more efficiently - cutting production time by weeks. 

·     Skilled technicians and engineers can provide and test cable harness solutions for aerospace and defense partners. 

·     The final product assembly of large and small systems allows for the company to bring together electrical and mechanical components and build complete systems in a single production area. 

The facility is named in memory of one of the company's co-founders, Dr. Stephen Gilbert, who passed away in 2017. 

 Full-spectrum capabilities based in one location

This state-of-the-art high mix/low volume production area, along with the Solutions Complex and Dynetics Technical Solutions headquarters, is a gamechanger for the company and the Huntsville market. The expanded capabilities will allow for customers to design, prototype, and manufacture their projects in one location. Dynetics customers can come onsite and receive a service that provides them with full spectrum engineering capabilities for end-to-end complex systems.  

"We kept hearing that there was not a one-stop-shop where a project could be designed, prototyped and manufactured. We decided to put our mark on this ability. Between our Solutions Complex, Dynetics Technical Solutions and now Gilbert Advanced Manufacturing Facility, we are now able to accept the challenge from concept analysis and development through testing and production, "King added.

Growing footprint

The Gilbert facility is the sixth building on the sprawling Huntsville campus. The grand opening will be on Thursday, May 30 at 10 a.m. Dynetics is celebrating its 45th year of operation and has locations in ten states and headquartered in Huntsville.

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