Dynetics receives NASA Glenn Research Center’s large business prime contractor of the year award

Thursday December 13, 2018

Dynetics, Inc. was selected by NASA's Glenn Research Center as the Large Business Prime Contractor of the Year for fiscal year 2018. The company is the prime contractor for the Space Launch System (SLS) rocket's Universal Stage Adapter (USA). The USA will provide the ability to haul large cargos on the evolved SLS Block 1B and future configurations. SLS Block 1B is scheduled to launch Exploration Mission-3 in 2024, which will carry both crew and cargo to the Moon.

"Being named NASA Glenn's large business prime contractor is an exceptional honor. We have been supporting space programs since 2009 and this award adds to the foundation of our expertise within the space industry. Our work on the USA hardware along with our other NASA contracts make us a proud partner within science and technology programs. We are looking forward to future space opportunities," said Kim Doering, Dynetics vice president of space systems. 

In June 2017, Glenn awarded Dynetics a $221 million contract to manage the design, analysis, manufacturing, testing and assembly the USA.

The USA is not only critical for delivering large cargos to the Moon and deep space and it will integrate the Exploration Upper Stage to the Orion crew module while providing structural, electrical and communication paths. The USA will provide environmental control to payloads during integrated ground operations, launch, and ascent phases. The USA will also integrate co-manifested and secondary payloads.

The USA team comprises RUAG Space USA, ZIN Technologies, Dynamic Concepts, Inc., Craig Technologies, Tuskegee University and Paragon Tec.

The USA will be designed, built and tested in Huntsville and at the new Dynetics Aerospace Structures Complex and the RUAG Space USA facility both in Decatur, Ala. The complex is scheduled to be completed in 2019.

After the USA is assembled and tested, it will be delivered to NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida.  The USA will travel by barge from Decatur down the Tennessee River and the Tombigbee Waterway to the Gulf of Mexico and then around south Florida and up to the Kennedy Space Center.  

Dynetics, specifically the space systems division, has grown since its inception. The division has had a successful relationship with many NASA field centers. In addition to the USA contract at Glenn, the company is a prime contract for the SLS Advanced Booster Engineering Demonstration and Risk Reduction program and is also the subcontractor for manufacturing and transportation for the SLS core stage pathfinder simulator for Marshall Space Flight Center. Dynetics holds two contracts with Johnson Space Center for the Orion crew module laser air monitoring system and the miniature carbon dioxide scrubber for the International Space Station. 

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