Dynetics Forms Company to Provide Critical Infrastructure Security Solutions

Wednesday June 28, 2017

Dynetics is launching Observation Without Limits™, or O.W.L., a new commercially focused company to innovate and deliver technology solutions that provide critical infrastructure customers with enriched awareness of threats to the security, safety and efficiency of their critical sites. O.W.L. will be the provider of GroundAware,® the signature ground surveillance sensor system first introduced in 2013.    

"Dynetics has been serving the complex technical needs of the defense, aerospace, and intelligence sectors for more than 40 years," said David King, Dynetics chief executive officer. "Our experience in these areas led directly to the development of commercial products and services for critical infrastructure owner/operators, beginning with GroundAware. Now, we are taking the next logical step in this growing commercial business," King added.

O.W.L. will focus exclusively on the specialized needs of critical infrastructure sectors. It will manage and operate its own engineering, sales, marketing, implementation, support and business functions, while leveraging Dynetics' extensive facilities and resources.

Alabama Power, a subsidiary of the Atlanta-based Southern Company (NYSE:SO) that provides reliable and affordable electricity to more than 1.4 million customers across the state of Alabama, was an early adopter of GroundAware.

"We have used GroundAware for more than two years," said Scott Moore, senior vice president of Power Delivery for Alabama Power. "We have found GroundAware to be a superior product that has helped us automate our security systems while enhancing situational awareness, and increasing operational efficiencies. We consider Dynetics a strategic partner and are delighted to see the creation of O.W.L. GroundAware and other O.W.L technology solutions will help us maintain the reliability and grid integrity our customers have come to expect from Alabama Power.

O.W.L. plans to begin its operations with ongoing expansion of the GroundAware surveillance sensor product line business in the U.S. and internationally. O.W.L. is also initiating development of new product lines to address other significant needs of customers in key critical infrastructure markets.

Mike Stokes, with 20-plus years of engineering and technical leadership and a current member of the Dynetics executive staff, serves as president.

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