Upcoming Cybersecurity Event to Feature Information Protection Expert

Tuesday May 12, 2015

TakeDownCon Rocket City to Bring Computer Virus Pioneer

Fred Cohen, best known as the person who defined the term "computer virus," is the inventor of some of the most widely used computer virus defense techniques and a leader in advancing the science of digital forensic evidence examination. The EC-Council will bring this expert of many areas as part of a lineup of internationally renowned cybersecurity experts to TakeDownCon Rocket City 2015, scheduled for July 20-21 at Dynetics.

Dynetics is also the premier sponsor for the third consecutive year of TakeDownCon Rocket City, a highly technical forum that focuses on the latest vulnerabilities, the most potent exploits and the current security threats. Four days of training will precede the two-day conference which focuses on the "Attack" one day and "Defense" the next. 

In the 1970s, Cohen designed network protocols for secure digital networks carrying voice, video and data; and he helped develop and prototype the electronic cashwatch for implementing personal digital money systems. In the 1980s, he developed integrity mechanisms for secure operating systems, consulted for many major corporations and taught short courses in information protection to more than 10,000 students worldwide. In 1989, he won the prestigious international Information Technology Award for his work on integrity protection. 

In the 1990s, Cohen developed protection testing and audit techniques and systems that now help defend more than three quarters of the computers in the world, including the core technologies used in antivirus mechanisms and trusted platform modules.

Cohen has authored more than 200 invited, refereed and other scientific and management research articles, and he has produced several patented and copyrighted technologies. He has worked in critical infrastructure protection with law enforcement and the intelligence community to help improve their ability to deal with computer-related crime and emerging threats to national security. He has worked on issues of digital forensics, including work for many large corporations, testimony in federal and state criminal and civil matters and pro bono and state-funded work for indigent defendants. In 2002, he won the "Techno-Security Industry Professional of the Year" Award. In 2009, he was named the "most famous hacker" of all time by ABC News.

Cohen has participated in and created numerous strategic scenario games, including the first Internet-based strategic information warfare wargame; the Internet game for information security policy development, training and awareness in corporate, educational and government environments; and a sexual harassment game, which helps train employees on sexual harassment policies and processes. He has also developed several strategic scenarios for government and private use and operated strategic scenarios in university classes as a fun path to better understanding. 

Today, Cohen is CEO of Fred Cohen & Associates, a firm that does research and advisory services exclusively for the U.S. government; CEO of Management Analytics, a firm specializing in research and advisory services and litigation support for non-federal customers; and a senior partner at Fearless Security, LLC, a firm specializing in examination and specification of information protection. He is also acting director of the Webster University CyberLab.

Dynetics Chief Technology Officer Tom Baumbach said, "Hearing Fred Cohen speak is worth the price of this conference. But in addition to him, you'll get several other world-class speakers, all with various specialties. We are fortunate to bring this group of high-caliber presenters to Huntsville."  

For more information about the event and the current lineup of speakers, visit www.takedowncon.com/.

About TakeDownCon

TakeDownCon is a highly technical forum that focuses on the latest vulnerabilities, the most potent exploits, and the current security threats.  World-class industry insiders come to share their knowledge, giving delegates the opportunity to learn about the industry's most important issues.  With two days and two dynamic tracks, delegates will spend Day 1 on the Attack, learning how even the most protected systems can be breached.  Day 2 is dedicated to Defense, and delegates will learn if their defense mechanisms are on par to thwart nefarious and persistent attacks. TakeDownCon provides the most sought after technical training and certification classes offered through Hacker Halted Academy by top training companies and led by well-respected instructors. For more information, visit www.takedowncon.com/rocketcity.

About EC-Council Foundation

EC-Council Foundation is a not-for-profit initiative by EC-Council to raise awareness of online safety issues for the global community while unifying global cyber defense. EC-Council Foundation's mission is to unify global cyber defense by fostering collaboration and participation of online computer users to become advocates for safe on-line activities for youth and adults alike through education and training programs. Visit http://foundation.eccouncil.org/.

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