Dynetics to Feature GroundAware and Cyber RiskScope at Critical Infrastructure Security Conference

Friday October 09, 2015

Dynetics will be attending GridSecCon 2015, the annual Grid Security Conference hosted by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC). The conference, scheduled for Oct. 13-16 in Philadelphia, brings together cybersecurity and physical security experts from industry and government to share emerging security trends, policy advancements and lessons learned related to the electricity sub-sector. Dynetics will have the opportunity to interact with critical infrastructure security stakeholders and showcase solutions to enhance security and resiliency. Highlighted will be the company's GroundAware® Reconfigurable Surveillance Sensor for physical security and Cyber RiskScope® portfolio for cyber risk management.

Dynetics developed the GroundAware sensor system to enable critical infrastructure owners and operators to detect physical intrusions and instantaneously provide actionable information on potential threats. GroundAware continuously monitors facility perimeters and grounds in all  weather and lighting conditions. In real time, GroundAware tracks intrusions, generates location details, slews cameras to track targets, triggers alarms and alerts, and classifies intruders as humans, animals, vehicles or aircraft.  These capabilities are designed to equip security stakeholders to quickly identify and respond to potential threats with minimal false alarms.

Dynetics Cyber RiskScope is a portfolio of cyber risk management solutions designed to provide board members, executives and risk managers the visibility and actionable information they need to make informed cyber risk management decisions. Cyber RiskScope focuses on three key risk indicators to convey cyber risk:  cyber threat level, cyber security level and business impact value. Cyber RiskScope offerings range from a cloud-based self-assessment to fully engaged and deep-dive cyber risk assessments.

For more information about Dynetics' critical infrastructure security solutions, visit www.dynetics.com/critical-infrastructure.

For more information about GridSecCon, visit www.nerc.com/pa/ci/cipoutreach/pages/gridseccon.aspx.

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