Dynetics Offers Affordable, Collaborative Assessment to Help Cyber Risk Stakeholders Determine Threat Risk

Tuesday March 31, 2015

As part of its Cyber RiskScope™ portfolio of cyber risk management solutions, Dynetics announces QuickLook, an executive-level, collaborative cyber risk assessment that can be accomplished quickly, straightforwardly and affordably. This service includes an initial analysis of potential business impacts resulting from cyber-attack; relevant, intelligence-based cyber threat assessment; and an executive-level report with current cyber risk profile and top-level observations and recommendations.

With QuickLook, clients complete business impact and cybersecurity self-assessments before engaging with a Dynetics consultant who will work onsite with the client for one to two days.  The end results will be an initial cyber risk assessment provided as expertly prepared, intuitive reports that equip clients to better understand their cyber risk.

"QuickLook allows our consultants to work with clients to prepare an analysis of their current situation and recommendations," said Robert Dowling, Cyber RiskScope product manager.  "This is one of a range of Cyber RiskScope products and services we are rolling out to clients who can select the right solution based on their security requirements and budgets." 

For more information about Cyber RiskScope, visit www.dynetics.com/riskscope.

About Cyber RiskScope 

Cyber RiskScopeTM is a portfolio of cyber risk management solutions that equips board members, business owners, and managers to easily understand cyber risk. Enterprise stakeholders can visualize the impact of cyber incidents, the likely threats they face and cybersecurity investments needed to meet security and budget requirements. Developed by Dynetics, a 40-year provider of advanced engineering and IT solutions to a range of government and commercial sectors, Cyber RiskScope's offerings include an online self-assessment portal, executive-level assessments, comprehensive assessment and mitigation services, and enterprise security monitoring services. For more information, visit www.dynetics.com/riskscope. 

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