Dynetics Announces Cyber RiskScope: A Portfolio of Cyber Risk Management Solutions

Thursday March 26, 2015

Business owners, board members and senior managers - along with insurance, legal and risk advisors - need accurate, intuitive information to make informed cyber risk decisions. Dynetics has developed Cyber RiskScope™, a portfolio of cyber risk management solutions, to help cyber risk stakeholders discover answers to critical questions about the following:  the impact of potential cyber incidents, the most likely cyber threats facing today's enterprises and the appropriate levels of cybersecurity needed for those enterprises.

"Cyber RiskScope leverages Dynetics' cyber expertise, best-of-breed technologies and skillful analysis of key cyber risk indicators," said Jonathan Whitcomb, Dynetics vice president of enterprise solutions. 

Cyber RiskScope solutions can be tailored to match a client's budget by controlling the depth of analysis and the extent of Dynetics expertise applied to a cyber risk assessment. 

A key benefit of Cyber RiskScope is its use of innovative infographics that enhance decision- making for cyber risk management programs. "The Cyber Risk Profile is a variant of the familiar 5x5 risk matrix that enables stakeholders to visualize the business impact of potential cyber threats to the enterprise, as well as the enterprise's current threat and cybersecurity levels," said Robert Dowling, Cyber RiskScope product manager. "The Cyber RiskScope graphs provide for even deeper visibility and analysis of cyber risks by incorporating the NIST Cybersecurity Framework. The graphs give clients the ability to align the management of risk with the outcomes defined by the Framework, as it becomes the de facto standard for addressing cyber risk."  

According to Whitcomb, Cyber RiskScope is particularly beneficial for the cyber insurance industry. "Many stakeholders are already involved in this space, either as clients purchasing cyber insurance or as insurance providers or advisors," he said. "For each of these groups, cyber risk is a growing concern, and our Cyber RiskScope solution will equip them with the insight they need to understand and manage risk."

For more information about Cyber RiskScope, visit www.dynetics.com/riskscope.

About Cyber RiskScope 

Cyber RiskScopeTM is a portfolio of cyber risk management solutions that equips board members, business owners, and managers to easily understand cyber risk. Enterprise stakeholders can visualize the impact of cyber incidents, the likely threats they face and cybersecurity investments needed to meet security and budget requirements. Developed by Dynetics, a 40-year provider of advanced engineering and IT solutions to a range of government and commercial sectors, Cyber RiskScope's offerings include an online self-assessment portal, executive-level assessments, comprehensive assessment and mitigation services, and enterprise security monitoring services. For more information, visit www.dynetics.com/riskscope.

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