Forces of Nature: DYPs key to Land Trust rebuild effort

Tuesday November 26, 2019

Dynetics Young Professionals (DYP) have been volunteering with the Land Trust of North Alabama for over a year to maintain trails on Monte Sano. This is an effort many DYP members are passionate about because Monte Sano is an important part of the Huntsville landscape due to its close proximity to our city's urban center. It provides an opportunity for Huntsville residents to escape to nature for mountain biking, trail running, or a casual hike that is less than three miles from all that downtown has to offer. 

In August 2018, DYP adopted Bluffline trail and organized several work days to cut back sections of the trail and refresh trail markers. In January 2019, the Land Trust received a federal grant from the National Environmental Education Foundation to reroute and rebuild Bluffline trail. The original trail was becoming unpassable after a big rain and needed to be moved up the mountain to more effectively manage water runoff. There were also several spots on the trail that needed crossings due to erosion. The rebuild effort required many volunteer hours from the community to be completed by the October deadline. DYP members joined the effort by volunteering over 200 hours of their time clearing new the trail, carrying building materials to new crossing sites, and assembling a bridge crossing. There are two new bridge crossings on Bluffline trail. The first is about ¼ mile hike south from the Land Trust Trailhead Parking lot off Bankhead Parkway and is the bridge that DYP assembled. There is another bridge crossing a little more than one mile from the first which DYP moved building materials and laid the trusses into place. Both were designed and built in partnership with the Huntsville Area Mountain Bike Riders (HAMR). With DYP's support, the new trail officially opened on October 5, 2019. 

This effort has been a great opportunity for our members learn about trail management while building relationships with other community organizations working toward a common goal. DYP would like to thank Andy Prewett, the Land Manager for the Land Trust of North Alabama, for coordinating volunteer efforts between DYP, Huntsville Young Professionals (HYP), HAMR, and many other groups throughout the community to work on this project. 

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