SOUNDAWARE™: Securing your perimeter using sound

Dynetics has developed a new capability using acoustic sensors

Tuesday April 03, 2018

Human beings use the sense of hearing on a daily basis to detect, identify, classify and localize sounds of varying types. Likewise, acoustic sensors or microphones, coupled with advanced processing algorithms, are capable of performing the same function that the system of the human ear and brain perform but with increased range. This electronic listening capability has particular application in the area of perimeter awareness and defense.

Dynetics, via joint venture Observation Without Limits, LLC, has a family of perimeter surveillance system products called GroundAware®. This system uses radar technology to detect humans, animals, aircraft, and vehicles that could potentially be entering sensitive spaces. Dynetics has also been testing and integrating a new product, SOUNDAWARE™ that uses advanced signal processing to detect, identify, classify and localize drone intrusions in controlled perimeters by listening for sounds coming from all directions.  SOUNDAWARE has been designed for both commercial and military applications to defend sensitive locations from intruding drones by listening for the sounds that drones make while they fly. With 24/7, 360-degree detection, the new system can be deployed in a variety of locations and may be integrated with an array of other sensor technologies to optimize system capability. 

Here are some of the benefits of this new system: 

·     24/7 monitoring in every direction with a single SoundAware system

·     Detects multiple drones approaching from different directions at the same time

·     Determines the azimuth and elevation of approaching drones

·     Integrates seamlessly with GroundAware and other surveillance systems

·     Cues cameras and other sensors to drones for recording of video evidence

·     Enables security to follow drones back to the pilots 

·     Rugged hardware for long-term, all-weather installations

·     No regularly-required maintenance

·     Low to no nuisance alarms

·     Typical detection range of up to 1.5 km for common class I drones

"So why should I include this asset within my security portfolio?"

Perimeter protection from nuisance and threat drones is a growing concern for both commercial, infrastructure, and military applications. While there are a number of sensor solutions available, the most robust solution will be comprised of a multi-sensor, multi-band approach. SoundAware has demonstrated excellent ability to detect, track, and classify targets that are slow/small that other modalities struggle to identify, thus filling a gap that standard sensor suites have.  SoundAware also works in concert with other sensors to help separate drones and other items of interest from birds and other bio-clutter.

Watch our video to see how SoundAware can be used. For sales information, contact soundaware@dynetics.

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