Media Guidelines

Logo Usage and Guidelines

Dynetics takes our brand identity standards seriously. We ask that journalists and other media professionals follow these guidelines when using our logos, trademarks, and other corporate identity marks.

  1. High-resolution images suitable for reproduction are available below. If you would like to receive a higher resolution digital image from the library or request a digital file of our corporate logo, e-mail us at
  2. Copying and publishing of images, video, or publications for further distribution, or for use in advertising, marketing, and promotional materials, is prohibited without advance written permission of Dynetics.
  3. No permission is granted to use the trademarks or logos of Dynetics, with the exception of those that may incidentally appear in the photos and images provided in the multimedia library.
  4. Dynetics reserves the right to withhold or withdraw permission to reproduce the copyright material in this section at any time that the company deems such material is being used to its detriment or is being used in violation of the above instructions.
  5. Each use must be accompanied with the credit "Courtesy of Dynetics."

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