Providing vehicle manufacturing products, systems, and services

Dynetics offers 25 years of full-service engineering experience and low-volume production for automotive engineering, manufacturing, and service applications.

Today, we are the plant floor configuration and test system partner of choice at assembly plants, engineering technical centers, and proving grounds around the world because of our proven capabilities:

Deep understanding of how vehicles are engineered, enabling us to design and deliver accurate, reliable systems
Responsiveness to customize solutions cost-effectively to meet diverse, evolving needs
Commitment to tracking quality and feedback results back into product development on an ongoing basis
ROI Focus
Products and services that ensure quality, enhance customer satisfaction, and result in a high return on investment

Supporting the Automotive Lifecycle

The Dynetics suite of products includes electrical diagnostic systems, engineering diagnostic tools, and vehicle data loggers that support research and development (R&D), engineering, validation, manufacturing, and service for commercial automotive vehicles throughout the life cycle.

Wireless Vehicle Communications Interface

The Wireless Vehicle Communications Interface (W-VCI) is a ruggedized platform for interfacing with the latest generation of vehicles. This portable tool provides a WiFi interface to a variety of automotive communication protocols via the SAE J1962 connector. The W-VCI is utilized as an engineering, manufacturing, or service-level test and programming tool—both as a component in a test system and autonomously. Support for embedded software applications, coupled with the size and weight of this device, makes this device an excellent choice for standalone use.

Tire Pressure Sensor Test System

The Tire Pressure Sensor (TPS) Test System is a proven, robust plant-floor system that initializes TPS-equipped vehicles. This system is completely developed and fully supported by our in-house team. Our design utilizes advanced discrimination techniques to ensure that the sensor of interest is processed while interfering signals are ignored.

4th Generation Battery Interface Unit

The 4th-Generation Battery Interface Unit (4GBIU) is a comprehensive wireless current probe test platform featuring the latest embedded wireless and hall-effect transducer technologies. The 4GBIU is designed to integrate seamlessly with Dynetics Electrical Test System current-based testing software, but the device firmware can be customized to operate with other third-party operator interface software platforms.

Next Generation Portable Test Unit

The Next-Generation Portable Test Unit is a wireless, configurable test platform for vehicle end-of-line quality assurance processes. This powerful unit, equipped with both an ergonomic handle and steering wheel mount, includes a barcode scanner, tablet computer, and vehicle communication interface. Its rugged design and configurable software make it a perfect tool for end-of-line quality assurance systems.

Just-in-Time Module Flash Station

Delivering the last electronic control unit (ECU) software directly to the plant floor, the Just-in-Time Module Flash Station provides 100 percent error-proof ECU software downloads with minimal operator input. The station consists of off-the-shelf, industrial-rated components; an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), a personal computer (PC), and a touch screen display. Plant stock is reduced to a minimum, and engineering changes get implemented in real time, eliminating scrap and rework.

Electrical Systems Configuration and Test

Dynetics systems provide comprehensive and flexible methods for ensuring quality electrical content on a vehicle. To accommodate the need for near real-time software changes, manufacturers can flash program modules on the assembly plant floor as well as easily verify and validate the performance of the electrical content on their vehicles. Using Dynetics electrical test systems, manufacturers have been able to significantly reduce the number of vehicles shipped with warranty-related electrical problems.

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