Bigelow Aerospace Sundancer Forward Propulsion System

Status: Completed

Dynetics designed, qualified, produced, and delivered the forward propulsion system (FPS) for Sundancer, the world's first commercial space habitat. Our innovative, "green" FPS operates on hydrogen and oxygen generated from water, sweat, and wastewater from Bigelow's proprietary Environmental Control Life Support System (ECLSS). This eliminates toxic propellants such as hydrazine and nitrogen tetroxide that are costly to use and harmful to the environment and creates a safer, cleaner work environment for humans on Earth and in space.

The FPS successfully completed a rigorous qualification test program, including thermal cycling, EMI, static loads, vibration and acoustic, and accelerated life testing consisting of 10,000 pulses.

The FPS can be adapted for other uses, including roll control for small launch vehicles, reaction control on larger upper stages, and attitude control on space craft.

For more information about the Sundancer project, visit Bigelow Aerospace's website.