Rapid Prototyping

Dynetics has been providing quick-response design and rapid product development for our Department of Defense (DoD) and commercial customers for almost 20 years. We have the skills, tools, and facilities to quickly design, prototype, manufacture, and deliver a wide range of hardware and software products for space, defense, and other industries.

Dynetics provides comprehensive design, development, and fabrication services, from initial prototyping through low volume production with the agility to adapt to changing customer requirements throughout the life cycle. Our design-phase and first-article production of complex products are measured in weeks or months rather than years.

Customers count on our quality to guarantee they meet their customers´ demands. To ensure we fulfill our customers´ exacting requirements, we build our hardware products using our ISO 9001:2008 certified process, and we develop our software products under our CMM Level 3-certified quality program.

Dynetics specializes in the fabrication of prototype hardware and limited production of ruggedized military equipment. Covering 20,000 square feet of space, our highly automated machine shops use high-precision computer-numerically-controlled (CNC) machinery and a wide range of support equipment. We are able to quickly produce products in-house to meet our customers´ specifications.

To support product verification, we use a Brown and Shape Model 122210 Coordinate Measurement Machine that measures accuracies approaching six microns across an 8-foot bed. Our rapid prototyping and production capabilities enable Dynetics to swiftly deliver from 10 to 10,000 parts to meet customer demands.

Our electrical design and fabrication capabilities include 10 electronics laboratories two of them specifically designed to address electrostatic discharge (ESD) issues. All labs are set up to segregate programs at all levels of security classification.

Dynetics specializes in dense electronics packaging applications where size and weight constraints are most stressing. We use state-of-the-art digital electronic technologies and produce systems employing microprocessors, microcontrollers, digital signal processors (DSPs), and a wide variety of programmable logic devices including focal plane gate arrays (FPGAs), and complex programmable logic devices (CPLDs).

We design and build products to a number of industry standards, including VME, PCI, 1553, PC104, and CAN architectures. In addition to electronics labs, Dynetics has more than 30,000 square feet available for fabrication and product integration. These areas include a variety of electrical power sources, overhead cranes, environmental chambers, and test equipment for fabricating and verifying our products.

Dynetics Hardware Products

  • Special-application guided munitions
  • Radio frequency (RF) test target and infrared (IR) scene generators
  • DoD test and evaluation (T&E) products
  • Special purpose electronic intercept (ELINT) systems
  • Precision mechanical and electro-optic calibration systems
  • Special-purpose test equipment
  • Electronic countermeasure (ECM) systems
  • Precision wind tunnel models
  • Miniature instrumentation and telemetry systems
  • Inertial measurement systems
  • Weapon system simulators
  • Test systems for the automotive industry

Dynetics Software Products

  • Engineering simulations
  • Mission planning tools
  • Post-mission analysis tools
  • Knowledge management tools
  • AssuredCompliance™ Information Assurance certification and accreditation tools
  • Predictive analysis tools
  • Simulation frameworks
  • Threat models
  • Customer applications (supporting web portals, distributed simulation, remote simulation, data warehousing, and data mining)