Flight Test Instrumentation and Telemetry

Accurate flight testing prepares the warfighter for real situations. Dynetics developed the Open Architecture for Telemetry and Instrumentation Systems (OATIS) specifically for UAS testing in operational environments.

OATIS is a modular system designed to make, log, and transmit inertial and various other measurements to a ground station. The OATIS Airborne Payload and Ground Station enables independent measurements to evaluate aircraft performance and system functionality. OATIS allows efficient integration of new sensors and provides real-time visualization of measurement data during flight.

OATIS is highly modular, comprising two major subsystems:

  • The Airborne Control Unit (ACU), including an embedded PC104 computer, radio frequency (RF) modem, GPS/INS, CANBus networking cables and connectors, smart sensor nodes, and antennas, and
  • The ground station, which runs on a standard laptop connected to a second RF modem and antenna. The ground station software includes the ground station server, control panel, moving map display, and scrolling electronic strip-charts.

Dynetics’ support of OATIS includes:

  • Installation of aviation hardware into military aircraft
  • Application and fabrication of aircraft instrumentation systems and subsystems (mechanical, electrical, software, and hardware)
  • Fabrication of wiring harnesses to include soldering, cable fabrication, and plug and connector installation in accordance with OATIS schematics and work instructions
  • Reading and interpretation of engineering drawing and electrical schematics
  • Component removal, replacement, and identification
  • Electrical and electronic system and component troubleshooting
  • Use of common hand tools and electronic test equipment
  • Coordination of aircraft interface and integration issues with project personnel on standard and non standard systems and sub systems

Flown on both Shadow and Hunter UAS, OATIS has enabled the upgrade to system performance and provided for rapid integration of product improvement based on requirements from the warfighter.

Lightweight, versatile, and rugged, OATIS is an example of how Dynetics satisfies customer needs in a timely manner at reduced costs.