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Dynetics Announces Cyber RiskScope: A Portfolio of Cyber Risk Management Solutions

March 26, 2015
Business owners, board members and senior managers – along with insurance, legal and risk advisors – need accurate, intuitive information to make informed cyber risk decisions. Dynetics has developed Cyber RiskScope™, a portfolio of cyber risk management solutions, to help cyber risk stakeholders discover answers to critical questions about the following:  the impact of potential cyber incidents, the most likely cyber threats facing today’s enterprises and the appropriate levels of cybersecurity needed for those enterprises.“Cyber RiskScope leverages Dynetics’ cyber ... Read More

Dynetics Technical Services Awarded Contract Extension on MITS

March 12, 2015
Dynetics Technical Services (DTS) announced today it was awarded a sole source extension modification to the MITS (Marshall Space Flight Center Information Technology Services) contract, valued at $59.3 million. This extension includes the current full scope of MITS services including management, IT security, policy, planning, architecture, innovation, help desk, integration, telecommunications, data center, computing services and audiovisual information services. This MITS modification extends the period of performance through Jan. 31, 2016, and brings the total contract value to $393.5 mi... Read More

New Data Acquisition Technology for Flight Motion Simulators

March 10, 2015
ACUTRONIC USA, the world leader in multi-axis flight motion simulators, and Dynetics, a major provider of high-performance instrumentation solutions for test and evaluation of weapons systems, are pleased to announce an exclusive collaborative effort to integrate state-of-the-art data acquisition systems onto flight motion simulators. Traditionally, flight motion simulators include brush type sliprings through which data from a UUT (unit under test) is routed. At times, these sliprings introduce noise and/or attenuation to the signal of interest. In addition, due to their physic... Read More

Dynetics’ Mike DeMaioribus Is Inducted into the State of Alabama Engineering Hall of Fame

February 24, 2015
Michael A. (Mike) DeMaioribus, executive vice president of business operations at Dynetics, was inducted into the State of Alabama Engineering Hall of Fame this month along with four other individuals. The Engineering Hall of Fame honors, preserves and perpetuates the outstanding accomplishments and contributions of individuals, projects and corporations/institutions that have brought and continue to bring significant recognition to the State of Alabama.DeMaioribus graduated from Auburn University with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in electrical engineering. He has been employe... Read More

Dynetics Plays Role in Recent World Record Highest-Altitude Skydive

January 12, 2015
Alan Eustace, senior vice president of Knowledge at Google Inc., recently broke the world record for the highest-altitude skydive, and Dynetics played a role in the mission’s success. Eustace rose 135,890 feet into the stratosphere above the New Mexico desert on Oct. 24 using a balloon. He released himself and fell at supersonic speeds, smashing the altitude record that Felix Baumgartner set two years ago with his famous Red Bull Stratos “space jump.” Dynetics became involved early in the design phase of the project, led by the Stratospheric Explorer (StratEx) team at Para... Read More

Dynetics Partners with Citrix to Offer Cloud Solutions

December 15, 2014
With an increasingly mobile workforce, people want the ability to access their apps and desktops on a growing number of devices. Dynetics, which offers IT solutions in its portfolio of products and services, announced today it has become a Citrix Silver Solution Advisor. This partnership will allow the company to offer customers virtual desktop deployments, mobile workspaces and access to applications anywhere from their devices through ... Read More