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Dynetics Cybersecurity Expert to Speak at Utilities Technology Association Conference

October 20, 2014
Greg Jackson, a cybersecurity expert at Dynetics, will speak at the Utility Technology Association’s (UTA’s) Fall 2014 IT Conference, Oct. 22-24, 2014, at the Johnson City Power Board in Johnson City, Tenn. He will explain how to implement an effective security framework, emphasizing the National Institute of Standards and Technology Risk Management Framework (NIST) cybersecurity framework, released earlier this year.Implementing security mechanisms without a framework can result in over-securing non-sensitive data or, more importantly, under-securing sensitive data. Jackson will... Read More

Dynetics to Exhibit Solutions for Weapons Systems Test and Evaluation

October 14, 2014
Dynetics will exhibit high-performance instrumentation solutions for test and evaluation of weapons systems at the 50th Anniversary International Telemetering Conference/USA (ITC/USA) Oct. 21-23, 2014, in San Diego, Calif. Company representatives will showcase in Booth #314 the ability of the Dynetics Modular Instrumentation System (MIS), as the industry’s most compact instrumentation solution, to save customers time, money and labor resources.The Dynetics test systems enable customers to ensure that weapons systems are highly effective and reliable before they are fielded. ... Read More

Dynetics Releases Next Generation Portable Test Unit for the Automotive Industry

October 10, 2014
Dynetics announced today it has released the Next Generation Portable Test Unit (NGPTU), a handheld tool designed for end-of-line electrical and diagnostic testing of automobiles during the manufacturing process. The unit, designed to ensure quality and accuracy of electrical systems before an automobile leaves the plant, is equipped with a steering wheel mount and includes a barcode scanner, tablet computer and vehicle communication interface.The latest version of the PTU features a larger touch screen and facilitates more effective interaction with the operator. It is also more pow... Read More

Dynetics Releases New Wireless Vehicle Communications Interface

October 09, 2014
Dynetics announced today it has released a new product called the wireless vehicle communications interface (W-VCI) for use in the automotive manufacturing test process. This device provides development engineers and assembly line operators access to the diagnostic buses on a vehicle via the standard diagnostic connector located within the vehicle’s cabin. The W-VCI, a small embedded computing device, allows communication between a vehicle and another WiFi-enabled device, or the W-VCI can operate in autonomous mode. Operators can hook it up to the vehicle to program modules al... Read More

Dynetics Completes Largest Flight Weight Cryogenic Tank Built at Marshall Space Flight Center since Apollo Era

October 08, 2014
Dynetics has successfully completed the largest flight-weight cryogenic tank built at Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) since the Apollo Saturn era. The tank, fabricated for the Space Launch System (SLS) Advanced Booster Engineering Demonstration and/or Risk Reduction (ABEDRR) contract, is an 18-foot diameter welded aluminum structure weighing only 20,000 pounds and composed of some of the thickest material ever welded on MSFC’s friction stir weld tools.Using the vertical weld tool at NASA’s MSFC, Dynetics friction stir-welded single 10-foot by 58-foot panels into barrels and t... Read More

Dynetics Rolls Out Fourth Generation Battery Interface Unit to the Automotive Industry

October 08, 2014
Dynetics announced today it has released an enhanced  version of its battery interface unit, a wireless current probe test platform used  for electrical testing in automobile manufacturing plants. The Dynetics 4th Generation Battery Interface Unit (4GBIU) was designed for portable electrical testing applications.“The 4GBIU provides enterprise class security for wireless,” said Bob Graves, manager of the Commercial Solutions Division at Dynetics. “The probe is accurate and robust, capable of withstanding harsh industrial applications. We have redesigned the electronics... Read More